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Clinical Trials

Script To Generate The PHP Slim Framework Server Code For Data From OpenAPI Spec

Now I have a machine readable, OpenAPI Specification for the database that I imported. I can do a number of things with this specification, with the first being the generation of the server side code I will need to operate the clinical trials API. 

I use the Slim Framework to deploy my APIs. It provides me a lightweight REST framework for my APIs, in the PHP language. I use PHP, because it works for me, and I see a lot of reuse of my code i government, and other circles that speak PHP. 

This code uses the clinical trials OpenAPI Spec I generated, then writes a single PHP file, with the required Slim Framework scaffolding, and what is needed to connect to the MySQL database I created. The simple scripts handle the request, and response for each of the numerous endpoints I will need to manage the large clinical trials data set.

Like my other scripts for this project, they are scrappy, far from perfect, but get the job done. I will spend time polishing and documenting them more in the future. My goal is to get this project to the point where we can have a conversation about next steps of the clinical trials API.

I have my own server setup for plugging in these auto-generated Slim Framework files, which handles the DNS, web server, storage, and other moving parts of API operations for me. I hit generate, copied the Slim files over, and the API just worked. I haven't test all 100% of the endpoints, as that will come later on in the evolution of the API.

Next steps are to free the data locked up in the delimited files I downloaded, and imported into the database...