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Clinical Trials

Forked The Adopta.Agency Blueprint To Manag Data And APIs

The next step for this project is to actually set up the clinical trials data as an official Adopta.Agency project, by forking the Adopta Blueprint, and customize it specifically for managing the work around this clinical trials data set. I create a new repository, and replicated the blueprint, and get to work changing everything in the central YAML file. 

I can pretty much customize everything about the project, directly in the _config.yml file. I update the title, project description, as well as the description for data and API sections. I turn off some of the features that I do not think we are ready for like the showcase. My primary objective is to get the clinical trial data available as CSV and JSON, get a version one of the API up and running, with a blog to tell the story, and have a road map and change log available to help keep track of the project--I will worry about the rest down the road.

For me, the blog is one of the most important tools in this toolbox. It is these blog posts that help me think through the work I'm doing, communicate with other people who are interested in learning about the project, while also generated vital SEO that will help drive other interest in the work. The goal is to record every little bit of work I put into the project here, and ecnourage others to come and engage with the project via its Github repository